Private and subsidized daycare in La Prairie.Infants from 6 months and until 5 years.


Education is important from birth. How we go about doing it is what makes the difference. Your child goes through milestones in his or her growth. How your child plays, learns, speaks, and acts offers important clues about your child’s development. Developmental milestones are things most children can do by a certain age naturally. Kreative Kidz has designed the educational program around the milestones standards. While many milestones happen naturally we help to enrich the learning and advance the parts of the milestones that we have control over. 



Kreativity is key to any child's development. Your child will experience a unique engineering program. Lego is the most popular toy for children around the world. It allows them to use their imagination to create structures. We use a variety of materials, making bridges from popsicle sticks to testing out various reinforcements in concrete. We use real construction materials whenever possible.



Curiosity and amazement is what your child experiences when we do our mad science experiments. From the babies to the oldest children there are science experiments for each of them. Educators do a demonstration in front of the class and then allow each child to perform the experiment on their own. This program helps the child to have the confidence to try different things. It increases their curiosity and opens their minds to anything is possible.



Turning lemons into lemonade...I'm sure you have heard that saying. Kreative Kidz has developed a program that teaches children the various stages of entrepreneurship. Your child will learn through various projects that will bring them from buying lemons to manufacturing the lemonade and the selling. Finances are also learned at all stages of each project, from borrowing for supplies to pricing and repaying loans. All this is done in a fun exciting environment.



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