Private and subsidized daycare in La Prairie.Infants from 6 months and until 5 years.
Social Skills


Relationships are important for all individuals wether young or old. Kreative Kidz teaches your child all the tools necessary for building up their social skills. This ensures that your child will interact well with their peers and with adults, both in school and out. Children that have strong social skills tend to solve problems easier, are able to cope in tough times, be empathetic towards others, control their emotions and resolve conflicts with a positive outcome.

Unfortunately children with lower social skills tend to be rejected by their peers and often appear to be lonely. Children that are labeled as bullies tend to have lower social skills. 


Morals, Ethics & Manners

Despite a wide variety of nationalities with their own customs, a global sense of morals, ethics and manners are important for every child to learn. Teaching children that lying is not acceptable and helping them overcome their issues to avoid lying is a small example. Chivalry is not dead at Kreative Kidz, boys are taught to treat girls with the utmost respect and to look out for them. Boys learn to treat girls like ladies. Holding the door open when they can, or when they are sitting and a girl has no where to sit, the boy will offer up his place. We also teach the children manners at the dinner table (parents love when their children are behaving so well in a restaurant). Children learn from a very early age respect of their elders and peers. We help the children learn how to make the right decision even if it is not in their favour.



Community is important for everyone. Exposing the children to what makes a community and how it is important instills social responsibilities at an early age. As in many cultures where a community raises a child, we follow the same philosophy. All our educators and staff are responsible for your child no matter what classroom they are in. Your child will be comfortable, happy and respectful with each member of our staff. 

Kreative Kidz participates with many local charities from the SPCA, food banks and bringing awareness to various needs and organizations. Each year the children work together on two big projects that benefit children in need and abandoned animals.

We are constantly looking for ways to help our community. If you know of any organizations that could benefit from us working with them please do not hesitate to contact us.

Previous years the children have designed beautiful paintings that have been donated to children's hospitals as well as senior's residences.



Kreative Kidz is truly a full bilingual Academy. All of our staff are bilingual, and many of them speak more than 3 languages. All our staff make an effort to talk to each child in the opposite of their mother tongue. It's a great technique that emerges them into a new language. As with all our academics children learn their numbers, letters, words and geography in both French and English. We also offer language tutoring for children that start later on with us and want to be able to get a fast track on a language.
45% of the daycares in the area don't have the sufficient English to answer questions on the phone. 

The Quebec government dictates where you can send your child for schooling. If you are from another country the Quebec government dictates that you must send your child to French school. If you are in this situation then you should consider educating your child with strong English skills while in the daycare years.


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