Private and subsidized daycare in La Prairie.Infants from 6 months and until 5 years.
Special Programs



Ask a child where they get food, they answer the grocery store. Ask a child from Kreative Kidz and they will explain the process of planting a seed, nourishing the plants, harvesting and preparing the food to eat.

In combination with our Entrepreneur program we have the children plant tomato seeds. The children must monitor the health of the plant, nourish it and then when the tomato's are ready to harvest we bring them into our cooking program where the children cook spaghetti sauce. The children bottle the sauce and sell it, which they take the money to buy more seeds and supplies for the next growing season.


Every week we have the merchant who visits the daycare with all the ingredients for the children to see, smell and taste. All the vegetables & fruits are purchased from the farmers market across the street from the academy. All bought the same day ensuring freshness.

After a presentation of the ingredients the children get to experience how to work with each item. A particular example would be presenting a potato. Children know what french fries are, but don't know where they come from. We cut the potato in front of them showing how it is turned into french fries. After we slice the potato into thin slices and show how chips are made. The child learns that there are many ways to eat a potato.

As we are an international daycare that focuses on the world, the children will enjoy making and eating dishes from around the world. This of course includes unique ingredients that we must shop all around the city for ensuring that the dishes are authentic. As you can see we go the extra mile to ensure quality.



Creating real projects out of wood that the children can take home is so rewarding. We're not talking about popsicle stick and glue sticks. The children learn about tool safety, and use these hand tools under close supervision to build beautiful projects that they will keep for a lifetime. We work with beautiful exotic woods and learn where in the world the trees come from. Our children build outstanding projects that you can see on display in our entrance. Stop by and take a minute to admire what our children are creating.

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