Private and subsidized daycare in La Prairie.Infants from 6 months and until 5 years.
Health, Fitness and Nutrition


A generation has passed where obesity was a problem. Parents are more health conscious and are getting their children involved. The very reason Kreative Kidz takes it serious to have all the children keep fit by being active. We help the children that are not so active and teach them to have fun while doing activities. Our backyard play time involves free play, organized activities and sports.

Keeping fit is only half the battle. Nutrition is equally important. Kreative Kidz gives the chance for your child to try and enjoy vegetables, healthy snacks and well balanced meals. Staying away from sugary drinks and enjoying the sweet taste of fresh cold water.  


Our children are not dancing to the latest Lady Gaga track. Your child will experience and try various dance forms from around the world. Chinese ribbon dances to Irish highland dancing. Tied in with our music program children learn to have an appreciation for all forms of music. 


Yoga is a great way to relax, and gives better control at times a hectic classroom. The children practice yoga at least three times a week. We have a program where the older children who are excelling in yoga can be apprentices and help teach the younger groups of children. This increases the child's self esteem and builds strong leadership skills. 


Get the body moving, instilling great habits at a young age about physical fitness ensures that your child will love working out. As they get older they will be exited to stay in shape.

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