Private and subsidized daycare in La Prairie.Infants from 6 months and until 5 years.
Imagination & Creativity


"Imagination is more important than knowledge" - Albert Einstein

Imagination is so important. Did you know that a child having a strong imagination will also be able to work out their fears easier, develop social skills, build self confidence and boost intellectual growth? When your child is able to sit in a room and play with toys and make their own little world of fun, that is a strong indicator your child has a good imagination. Our program inspires children to have fun imagining and encourages them to use it whenever possible. Being a super hero one day will help build their confidence, while dressing up to be a doctor will help them feel more comfortable at a doctors office. Imagination also build strong problem solving skills. Statistics show that problem solving skills is one of the top skills necessary for success.

Visual Arts

The Kreative in "Kreative Kidz" is applied here. Each child is given the right tools to unlock their imagination and let their creative sides come out. Not only do the children express themselves with their creativity they learn how to deal with their emotions, foster self-awareness and personal growth. Your child will express themselves with visual arts that create images and objects. Painting, sculpture, printmaking, photography and other visual media.



“Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination
and life to everything.”― Plato

Daily life at Kreative Kidz always involves music. Your child will hear and learn music from around the world, learn and try different instruments. 

We have a unique drumming program put on by award wining certified music teacher (Riverside School board) Isaac Dumont who has won many drumming competitions and has made a name for himself. We call the program bucket beats. Each week Mr. Isaac visits the academy and teaches children listening skills towards music, rhythm, beans, counting, time and melody. Your child will follow along enjoying every minute.​



A child with a head start on reading and literacy has a greater chance of success in the first years of school and is more likely to finish college compared to children who begin to read at a later age.

The power to read, opens the mind. Reading with your child accelerates their ability to read. Attending Kreative Kidz, accelerates this skill even faster. Primary school educators suggest that children in Kindergarten should know at least 12-14 letters of the alphabet. Kreative Kidz students will know the full alphabet before they graduate as well as knowing their numbers. Your child will be signing their name, writing basic words and reading simple books.

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